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Welcome clients and visitors and improve employee communications

DAKboard is a great fit for offices large and small. Scroll down to learn more!

A Beautiful Welcome Board

DAKboard wall display photo frame

DAKboard is perfect for digital signage around the office. Use the custom layout editor to create beautiful and informative welcome boards. Add a calendar, news, photos and more and help everyone in the office stay in the know!

Digital Building Directory

Easily create a digital building directory, or a digital office directory. Help employees and customers find their way without needing to ask other staff. Add a modern touch by adding the time, weather and any other relevant content.

DAKboard wall display digital calendar

Conference Room Scheduling

DAKboard works seamlessly with Outlook for Office365, Google Suite, Apple and many other online calendars. Avoid scheduling conflicts and make sure your rooms are utilized to their fullest potential. Digital meeting room signage is simple with DAKboard.

   Microsoft Outlook for Office365
   Google Calendar/Google Suite
   Apple Calendar

Multiple User Accounts

DAKboard offers the ability to create multiple user accounts within a single “main” account. This is a simple way to allow others at your organization access to edit, update and manage various parts of DAKboard.

User-specific Privileges

For each user, DAKboard allows setting specific permissions. Grant billing access to your accounting department. Give individual users the power to edit their own screens and set who can create and delete screens.

Custom Themes

Customize the admin interface by changing the colors and adding your own company logo. Choose from a dark or light theme, set your company color and add a logo. Your users and clients will be impressed when they login and see your logo and colors!