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Our History

Our story began in 2015, when Dan King, our founder and passionate, amateur nature photographer from Syracuse, New York, grew frustrated with sharing his photos on social media where he would quickly forget about them. Like so many other parents, Dan also found it increasingly difficult to stay on track with his family's ever-changing schedules. Combining his love for photography and dedication to his family, Dan sought to bridge the gap between preserving memories and organizing family life. Drawing upon his expertise as a software engineer, Dan set out to create that very solution.
Using an unused monitor and spare parts he had around the house, Dan built the first DAKboard. Its intuitive program seamlessly integrated their calendars, photos, weather updates, and tasks all in one place. The impact on their lives was transformative.

Word spread quickly as friends saw how DAKboard helped Dan and his family regain control of their lives. With requests from others wanting their own DAKboard, Dan quickly realized he had stumbled upon a solution that resonated with countless other families, leading to the birth of DAKboard, LLC in 2017.
In the early stages, Dan dedicated countless hours in his basement crafting each DAKboard by hand with help from his family and friends. Today, DAKboard has grown into a passionate team who share a common purpose: to provide households and businesses worldwide with the tools they need to organize and optimize their lives.

From our humble beginnings, we now operate out of an office in Syracuse, working passionately to provide a range of top quality features and products that are affordable for everyone. We’re proud to collaborate with a nearby company based in the heart of Syracuse, where we manufacture DAKboard hardware and displays. By keeping our production local, we contribute to sustaining valuable jobs within our community.